In My Bag…

I Think that this is kind of compulsory on tumblr now, & people seem more interested in pictures of cameras, then in the pictures people take with them 😉  So, from top left… we have a Billingham Hadley pro shoulder bag, have used this almost every day for the past 4 years, it is surprisinglyContinue reading “In My Bag…”

Ode to a light meter

This Gossen Lunasix 3 has lived in my camera bag for around the past 8 years. It has given me thousands of accurate exposure readings, and been used in conjunction with lots of different cameras. It has never failed or lied to me, and has never complained about any of the conditions it has beenContinue reading “Ode to a light meter”

Led Lighting on the cheap.

Whilst browsing the hardware section of my local Wilkenson’s I noticed these 48 Led Ring Lights that bear a remarkable resemblance to another light marketed to photographers and videographers that retails for around £100. The wilkenson ring light costs under £5, so I thought I would give it a try, and see if it was suitedContinue reading “Led Lighting on the cheap.”

The Fujica GW690

A Camera in it’s simplest form, the Fujica GW690 is a fine exercise in minimalist design, stripping the camera down to it’s essential elements. The camera was apparently originally designed for Japanese Group Shot photographers who would ply their trade in popular tourist spots. These photographers wanted the quality of medium format film, with theContinue reading “The Fujica GW690”

Panasonic GF1 Review/Rant…

Okay, this is not a proper review, but lots of the “proper” reviews seem obsessed with details that to me, and I expect a lot of other photographers, don’t really matter. Low light performance for me is about long exposures, not high ISO. Metering is about accuracy and control, the camera doing what I wantContinue reading “Panasonic GF1 Review/Rant…”