General thoughts on this blog.

This blog gets neglected a lot! I have just imported everything that I have uploaded to tumblr (, and hopefully managed to remove any duplicates. I generally prefer tumblrs interface, but wordpress offers a lot more sophisticated and useful features. I should probably make the effort to upload things to here as well. 

The page that gets the most views (by quite a massive margin) is my brief review of the Fujica GW690, because I seem to be one of the few people to have written anything about it so appear quite high on the first page of google results if you search for this camera. I don’t have this camera any more, but have used most of the fuji medium formats, and am happy to answer any questions on them. 

Looking back through the site everything is very disjointed, with different photography projects mixed up together. Some of this could probably be improved by using categories and improving the layout, hopefully in the next few months I will work on organising images together better, maybe presenting different projects, either completed or work in progress, on behance.