In My Bag…

I Think that this is kind of compulsory on tumblr now, & people seem more interested in pictures of cameras, then in the pictures people take with them 😉 

So, from top left… we have a Billingham Hadley pro shoulder bag, have used this almost every day for the past 4 years, it is surprisingly spacious, comfortable to use, and keeps stuff reasonably well protected and organsied. 

Bellow that is my light meter, a gossen lunasix 3, a fantastic piece of kit! 

Next to that is my Fujica GW690 this is a relatively early version of the Fuji 6×9 rangefinders, is big and beautiful, comparatively cheap and works well. 

Next to that is a rolleicord Va, another fantastic camera, very light and compact for medium format. I have a bay 1 to 46mm filter adaptor that lets me use regular ND filters with it, and it fits happily in the Billingham. 

Then we have some Fuji Reala. A fantastic film, and my favourite colour film by far. 

On the right is an old Gitzo reporter tripod, with a gitzo off centre ball head. It’s old, but good, about the smallest & lightest I feel I can get away with with the Fuji. Not shown is a bigger manfrotto that I have had for over ten years, and is fantastic and very versatile, but also very heavy. 

Bottom row to the left of the tripod is a little metz flash, one of the cheapest, simplest ones they do, I like the rounded shape, it has a pc sync cable with it, I have bigger Metz hammerheads and some vivitar 283’s, but generally don’t use flash as much as I used to, so rarely carry one. 

Next to that is a Muji pen and notebook, cheap and simple, but nice to use. I especially like the pens, and normally pick up a pack when I am visiting somewhere with a muji store. 

Left of that is my Olympus OM2n with 28mm f2.8, 50mm f1.4 and 135mm f3.5 lenses. The 135mm doesn’t get much use. I have an adaptor to use the lenses with my Panasonic GF1 (Which isn’t shown as it was used to take the picture) The 50mm is great on the GF1 when focused carefully, and preferably on a tripod. 

Bottom left is a Lowepro Mini Trekker, I got this ridiculously cheap secondhand, and is good for carrying the heavier cameras on longer walks.

In the middle is a manfrotto table tripod with a leitz ball head, one of the most useful pieces of kit I have, easily able to hold the rolleicord, and great for when I don’t want to carry a big tripod. Means that I always have a good tripod with me! also great for low angle stuff. 

Next to that is a cable release. I keep breaking them. Again, one of the most useful accessories you can get. 

The little silver camera in the middle is a Rollei 35 AFM, this is a rebranded Fuji Klasse, but sells for a lot less then the fuji. A great compact, with aperture priority and manual focus if you want it, very good metering and good built in flash for fill in etc. The lens has a nice look and is sharp. A good alternative to the Contax T2 or Leica minilux. 

Finally there is a small stack of filters, a Heliopan 10 stop ND, and a B+W 4 stop ND, a polariser, and step up rings/adaptors. I also have a bigger B+W 10 stop ND for the Fuji. 

Most of the gear shown I have brought second hand. I try not to carry it all at the same time! So will normally pick stuff depending on where I am going and what I want to shoot. The Fuji is quite a commitment to carry, along with a good tripod, so is only taken out when I am going solely to take pictures, the Rolleicord can fit in the billingham with the table tripod, and an ND filter, cable release etc, so this is what I take if I am going out for other stuff, but know I might want to take some pictures as well.

Otherwise if I am going to work or into town I carry the Rollei compact and my Panasonic GF1, the table tripod, and a few accessories and rolls of film.

I forgot to include my little spirit level in the shot, this is also very useful! And I have recently got an old Smith Stopwatch that looks cool, and should help with more accurate long exposures, rather then counting 20ish elephants.  


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